Brush Strips FAQs

Here at we have compiled an informative list of our most common FAQ’s, so you can easily find all the information you need in one place.

How do you fit a brush strip to a garage door?

1. Firstly, select the most suitable place on the bottom inside edge of your garage door and fix the seal accordingly. If necessary, pre-drill holes in to the aluminium seal carrier on your brush strip.
2. Use fixing tape to hold the aluminium carrier in place.
3. Next, mark through the pre-drilled holes in the aluminium seal carrier and then drill markings using a 2.5mm drill bit. Or if preferred, drill directly through the pre-drilled holes – only when you are happy with the position.
4. You should be provided with self-tapping screws with your garage door brush strip. Screw in these with either a cordless drill or a screwdriver and remove any clamps or fixing tape you have used.
5. Finally, try and shut your garage door. If the door does not shut correctly it may just simply mean the ends of your seal need trimming. However, if the door does shut as it is supposed to, your brush strip is correctly fitted.

How do you fit a domestic brush strip to a door?
Firstly, ensure the bottom of your preferred door is clean and thoroughly dried. If there is oil or grease on your door, clean using white spirits.
2. Open the door and position one end of the brush strip at the hinge end of the door. Make a marking on the strip where it meets the opposite end of the door and then draw a cutting line using a straight edge.
3. Then, close your door and measure the width of the door and cut the brush strip accordingly. A hacksaw will cut through the metal rod with ease.
4. Hold the strip against the door, making sure the bottom of the brush is just above the floor or other surface, enough to close the gap.
5. Lastly, firmly press the strip against the door, ensuring a firm adhesion.

Where can I buy brush strips?
It is advised that you buy your brush strips directly through the manufacturers for a number of reasons.  Not only will you receive the most competitive prices, they are also able to custom make brush strips to fit perfectly even on the most awkward of doors.

The two leading brush strips and garage door seal manufacturers are: 

Do brush strips come with adhesive?
Before you complete the purchase of your brush strips, confirm with the manufacturer if they provide you with adhesive. If the answer is no, you can purchase great value for money fixing adhesive here.

How much will brush strips cost me?
There are a huge variety of brush strips available to buy, and naturally they all come at different prices. The price of the brush strips will be dependent on the size, style, length and material of the specific brush strip you are looking to purchase.
Prices also range greatly depending on the purpose of the brush strip. For example you will find domestic brush strips are cheaper than industrial brush strips.