Energy Savings Tips For The Cold Winter Months

Here are some suggestions on things we can all do today to save energy (in all its fun forms) as we begin cooling down this fall and winter… at least, for people in the Northern Hemisphere. Whilst cooler months are the focus, several tips may help in all of seasons, to put it differently – don’t worry, Australia, there are a few good bits in here for you guys also.

Take Advantage of the Sun
We do this at home by shutting the blinds on scorching days and opening them on chilly days. Over the winter season, this is particularly helpful, since it allows the sunlight to warm up the inside of the house while it’s out, warming up the house before night falls.
Trimming back trees. During summer, we let the tree that’s on the southern side of our house grow much larger to stop more of the sun, and the opposite way round in the winter. Cutting back trees which are obstructing the sun will similarly allow the sun to warm your home as much as possible.

Uncover and Seal Leakages
This is an additional multi-season daily life hack, because leaking houses won’t hold in warm or cold air. Start out with the most obvious places like windows and doors and put weatherstripping if required. For inside doors, there are baffles that can be put into the lower part of the door to boost air flow between rooms.

Taking this upstairs to Level 2, head to your garage and look for penetrations into your house. Garages are generally properly aired to the outside, as they normally house water heaters and home heaters. Look for any penetrations into your house that don’t look like they were included in the initial development and check to make sure that they’re nicely sealed. You can add spray foam insulation to rapidly seal up small spaces and also utilize brush strips for anything bigger.

For pro sealers, head outside to scan the outside walls of your house, figuring out and sealing penetrations that could be enabling outside air to flow in and out of your house. Windows and doors tend to be culprits here, and a bit of caulk can seal up spaces quickly. Pointless in wasting the energy put in heating and cooling in your home whenever possible.

Sustain Your Heating (and Cooling) Systems
Heating and cooling systems in many cases are ignored until it’s time to use them. Whenever that 1st cold day blows through, we remember that the heating unit had that funny scent to it or that the fan on the a / c unit was squealing. Test out your home units before harsh weather rolls in to ensure you’re ready.

Better yet, arrange a schedule for service on these key bits of your home cooling and heating systems to ensure they’re always all set when you need ’em.

At least, you need to be changing out your filters on home heater and furnaces each and every month they’re being used. Pulling air through a filthy filter can be like sucking cement via a straw, therefore help your equipment out and drop a fresh filter in. It’s usually something you can do all by yourself, or ask the local service team to help you.

Adhere to the manufacturers advised servicing timetable. Most equipment features a maintenance schedule and if you want your heating and cooling equipment to keep working for you, you’ll be well served to put in a bit of effort to keep it healthy.