How to keep your heating bills affordable!

Concerned about mammoth costs now that winter season has arrived? Our useful cheats will help you to keep a check on your heating charges.Turn it down
Among the list of simplest ways of cutting your heating expenses is to pay regular attention to your central heating system temperature. Turning it down by just 1C could cut your heating costs by about 10%. Adjusting the timer on your boiler, so your heating goes off during the night time and also when you are out of your home, may also help significantly lower your gas and electricity usage.Wear another layer
No, honestly. You’re chilly inside your home? Thrown on a sweatshirt or fleece on before you turn to turning the heating up.

Go hi-tech
Cutting edge wireless temperature systems including Hive and Nest are instantly adjustable and can be remotely switched on and off with a smartphone. They can even “learn” your lifestyle habits and adjust the heating system in your house in keeping with your actions. British Gas – which offers the Hive system – comments it will save you up to £150 each year on heating fees.

Only heat up the areas you use
If you reside in a home with a additional bedroom that is never used, turn its radiator down to the lowest setting without actually turning it off.

Talking about radiators, if you should fit reflective foil in back of any you’ve got mounted on external walls, it can help to help reduce the rate heat loss.

Are you insulated?
You’ll probably be throwing away as much as a third of your home’s warmth through the roof, for that reason making sure it’s properly insulated is essential to preserving lower bills. Insulating your loft or attic could cost as little as £250 also it could reduce your heating bills as much as £100, so it will cover itself in a few short years.

The additional means of lessening heat loss out of your home, especially if it was built following 1920, is cavity wall insulation, which entails filling the holes between both layers of brick with a foam insulant, mineral wool or beads/granules. That can help keep the warmth in and also save you as much as £145 each year in heating bills. It’ll cost £450-500, but the cost will be recovered in a few years.

Not so fan-tastic
Extractor fans in your bathroom and kitchen are vented to the outside of your dwelling, so as well as expelling steam from all of these rooms, they’re going to also expel any air you are shelling out to heat from them.

Don’t play with draughts
Identify draughts with a lit candle or wet finger, then buy the relevant draught-proofing products.

Fit draught excluders for the doors and windows, seal skirting boards with silicone and, in case you have a working chimney, fit a specialist draught excluder. Draught proofing your house might cost up to £200, but should help save £20-30 yearly, as well as making it cosier. The finest way to banish draughts from your property is to use brush strips and door seals on the windows and doors inside your dwelling. You can easily purchase high quality brush strips and door seals from JA Seals.

Examine your boiler
Boiler technology has made considerable advancements in recent times, therefore it could be worth taking a look at installing a more efficient boiler. If you invest in one of the latest condensing boilers, you could put away around £235 per year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.