Does your expired bathroom need a refurb? Have you been struggling to face the clutter which goes along with retiling? For those who have only the one shower at home, you don’t want to have to cope without it for weeks whilst you wait for the tiles to dry – especially in busy families.

Having to retile your bathroom or shower wall isn’t just a long winded procedure, but can also prove to be very costly. Bathroom costs can certainly go into tens of thousands depending on room size and tile preference.

An alternative to wall tiles that is certainly becoming increasingly popular among tradesmen and homeowners, is wall and ceiling panels. They’re super easy to install, and much quicker too – making a significant difference to your bill from the get go.

Just incase you’re still uncertain, we’ve come up with a listing of Five advantages of bathroom and shower wall panels in comparison to tiles to help convince you!

1. Easy and quick to fit – which keeps labour costs down.

Essentially the most significant advantages of bathroom and shower wall panels is the fact that they’re fast and simple to install. You don’t have to be an experienced tradesperson to fix your panels to the wall and produce excellent results.

With the appropriate tools and coordinating products,for instance trims, you are able to complete the job in no-time. Nevertheless, we do recommend that you look at the instructions very carefully and/or chat to a professional to help get the most out of your resources. If you decide to allocate the job to a professional, you’ll reap the benefits of a substantial saving in labour costs in comparison to a tiling job.

2. Excellent match for imperfect walls – covers any problems

Another advantage of bathroom and wall panels over tiles, is that you could fit them over most surface types. For instance, in case your current bathroom is tiled, and you’ve made the decision to go forward with bathroom and shower wall panels, you don’t need to keep worrying about removing the previous tiles off the wall before you can begin fitting panels. This contributes to significantly less mess with no additional costs. In most cases, the panels can easily be installed on top of the existing tiles.

If you’re revamping an old property, but plastering isn’t your greatest skill, bathroom and shower wall panels are a fantastic product to cover any kind of problems in your walls.

3. No grouting – and no black silicone.

Not persuaded? This will certainly win you over.

Bathroom wall and ceiling pannels are a no grouting job and are 100% waterproof, This will mean you won’t need to panic about water running and leaving dark mould, which makes them perfect for bathrooms – seeing as they’re extremely hygienic.

Additionally we advise wall panels for kitchen areas as they keep the kitchen protected from food and water splash backs.

4. Panels tend to be low maintenance – a longer lasting product

Shower wall panels take advantage of longevity. For instance, tiles are more inclined to split whenever something heavy drops on them.

Prefer the appearance of tiling? You are able to enhance your bathroom by using a panel that looks exactly like tiles. They come in a number of styles and colours but with the main advantages of a panel.

5. Panels insulate your bathroom – lowering your power expenses

Finally, wall panels provide insulation. When you purchase a regular decorative panel, an elite decorative panel, a tile-effect panel or a marble-effect panel, each panel is 8mm thick. Therefore,when it’s chilly outside, you won’t lose the heat from your radiators as fast as you would do with cold tiles.